Residential & Commercial Excavating, Demolition & Septic Services In Grandview Texas

Since 1995, Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc. has been providing quality Excavating and Septic services to Grandview and the surrounding areas.

We are your Excavating & Septic Experts

Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc. specializes in installing, repairing, and replacing residential French Drains in the Grandview, TX and surrounding areas. The purpose of having french drains and why it is so important is because it prevents any damage to a building's foundation from any ground or surface water that may occur. This is to help keep your home’s foundation safe, this will secure the structure of your property.


For 2 decades, Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc. has been providing top-notch excavating services to Grandview and its surrounding areas with honesty and integrity. We’ve built a strong reputation for the finest in quality workmanship at a price that's always fair and affordable. We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free and non-intrusive method of completing our work, this allows us to finish your project quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle a wide array of excavating types, from trenches, major grading, resloping, landslide repair, french drains, and surface drains and much more! We also do driveways, soil stabilization, erosion control, roads, site work and footer.

What Exactly Does Excavating Entail?

Excavating is the process of moving earth, rock or other materials with tools, heavy equipment or explosives. This could include earthwork, trenching, tunneling even underground work. Excavating applications can include exploration, environmental restoration, and mining, however, construction is the most commonly utilized. Construction excavating can be used to create building foundations, reservoirs and roads, using techniques like trenching, digging, dredging and site development. Each one of these processes requires a unique set of skills, tools and working knowledge to perform the job correctly and safely. That why at Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc., we make safety our top priority. We carefully examine your site to ensure its safe to be worked on.

Our Service

Whether you’re looking to have the land cleared on your residential or commercial property, back-filling and compacting or a full-service construction site excavating project, the professionals at Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc. have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to tackle your excavating project from start to finish with dependability and class.

Septic Services

Providing top quality customer care, from installation to repair, Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc. can support all aspects of your septic tank and system as a whole. We will help you develop your initial design and secure permits for installation or provide conversion to a city sewer system. And, we offer peace of mind with routine maintenance service after the job is done.

A septic system is a highly efficient, self-contained underground wastewater treatment system. Common to all septic systems is the septic tank and a leach area or absorption area. Wastewater from the home is transferred into the tank through an inlet pipe, retained for a period of time in the tank and naturally processed. As more wastewater transfers into the tank the liquid, referred to as effluent, is carried away through an outlet pipe into the leach area. As it reaches the leach area it filters across the leach rock and is further decontaminated by the surrounding soil.

What We Do

When you contact Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc., you will be greeted by one of our customer service staff. An experienced service technician will work directly with you to determine how we can help with your septic service or maintenance. At Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc., you will be working with a company that really cares, a company that offers the personalized attention and understanding of a family owned business.


Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc. has built a reputation for fast, efficient and safe demolition services at an affordable price. We take pride in our high-grade machinery along with our modern tools and equipment. Our approach to investing in the best is what makes us your number one choice for all your demolition needs. A demolition project can be very dangerous and present many opportunities for hazardous and potentially fatal issues to occur. This is why we administer a comprehensive and meticulous site inspection before we perform every job. This is to not only ensure your safety but the safety of our team of professionals as well.

What We Do

We promise to always offer a professional and high-quality demolition service to your home or business. Whether you’re looking to remove a structural intrusion, landscape feature or an entire home, we can handle your demolition project from start to finish with ease. We possess the skills and tools to handle your full demolition, whole home demolition, exterior, garages, partial home demolition, mobile home, sheds, in-ground pools and much more at a price that's always competitive without sacrificing our outstanding quality. For any questions regarding our demolition service call (817) 401-1708 today!

Land Clearing

At Fletcher Excavating & Septic, Inc., we provide the best in workmanship and dependability when approaching your residential or commercial land clearing. There are a number of factors to consider when having your land cleared such as size, soil condition and of course safety. We strive to be your number one choice for all your land clearing needs, that’s why we do a full site consultation free of charge to ensure your project is done correctly, safely and within budget. Whether you’re looking to clear out your backyard or a have a construction site completely serviced, let our team of professionals guide you through your project to ensure you’re getting everything you need in an organized and timely fashion.

Land Clearing Service

The process of land clearing involves removing trees, brush, stumps, stones and other obstacles that may prevent you from using a land area for agricultural, construction, or environmental development. No matter what your project big or small, we have the expertise to perform your land clearing correctly and on time. We take the time to draw up a definitive plan for your specific project, this way you’re educated and informed throughout the entire process, giving you peace of mind in our service and your project. Our mission is to handle a wide range of land clearing services such as full service land clearing, woodlot beautification, residential & commercial developments, trail & road clearing and so much more! Give us a call today and see what we can for you!